Daily Lessons for Teaching St. Anselm: Basic Writings

St. Anselm
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Lesson 1 (from Proslogium)


In Proslogium, Anselm begins in the preface by stating his dissatisfaction with the Monologium and his rationale for writing the Proslogium. In Chapters 1through 6, he gives overall points about God and this writing. This lesson will discuss the preface and chapters 1 through 6 of the Proslogium.


Class Discussion: Summarize the Preface and first six chapters.

Small Group Activity: Choose one of these chapters. What is the purpose of this chapter? What does it reveal about Anselm? What does it reveal about Christianity?

Class Discussion: Create a graphic organizer listing the students' responses. How are the chapters connected? How do these chapters prepare the reader for the rest of the book?

Individual Activity: Find a part of the Bible pertaining to the chapter you studied in class. After reading this passage, do you agree with Anselm's beliefs? Why or why not?

Class Discussion: Have the students share...

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