St. Anselm: Basic Writings Fun Activities

St. Anselm
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Illustrating the Bible

Look at examples of illuminated manuscripts and choose a story in the Bible. Using a medium of your choice, create a work of art that illustrates this story.

Religious Art

Take a field trip to an art museum and study examples of religious art. Choose one of these works of art. Critique this work of art, including a description of it, your interpretation of it, and your evaluation of it.

Religious Music

Listen to examples of religious music. Write an essay comparing this music to secular music.

Liturgical Dance

Bring in a guest dance instructor to give the students an introductory lesson in liturgical dance.

The Concept of God

Write a poem in a style of your choice on the concept of God.

What is a Soul?

Write an essay answering this question.

The Need to Understand

Why do humans feel a desire to understand...

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