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Large Burmese Pythons

These animals symbolize danger and evil as archetypes in literature and legends, but in reality, they are most often quite harmless to humans.

Conch Pearls

These rare items that make expensive jewelry are a symbol of excess, and for several characters in the novel they are harbingers of bad luck.

Florida Everglades

This lush habitat exhibits some of the worst problems with climate change and the destruction of the natural environment.

Casa Bellicosa

This large resort symbolizes luxury and excess.

Chance and Chase Cornbright

These characters embody entitlement and the stereotypical "spoiled brat" mentality.

Pruitt's Prosthetic Hand

This object symbolizes Angie's passion and temper, as it is the result of the crime she committed that made her a convicted felon.

Tyree's Iguana Egg

This grotesque object symbolizes the unhinged and rogue nature of one character's mentality, as well as the extreme lengths the character will...

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