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Short Answer Questions

1. What does Philip want to accomplish now that he has been released from the sanatorium?

2. What is the main way the character of Sister is different from the character of Philip?

3. Who does Philip primarily blame for his emotional angst?

4. What did it take for Mollie to fall in love with Philip?

5. How did Paris feel while his father was away?

Short Essay Questions

1. What does Philip recall about his boyhood?

2. What are Mollie and Paris planning to do now that Philip is dead?

3. What does Philip apologize to Paris about during their talk?

4. What do Mother Lovejoy and Sister subtlety attempt to sway Mollie into doing?

5. Who is Sister and what does she do?

6. What happens as a result of Philip's outburst of violence?

7. What is the primary reason why Philip wants to take Paris with him?

8. What does Paris confide in John about?

9. What does John discuss with Paris that he considers the square root of sin?

10. What is Paris's reaction to the fact that his mother picked up a stranger off the side of the road and that John has fallen for her?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

What is the theme of "The Square Root of Wonderful?" What is the main idea or underlying meaning? It may be stated or implied but it is an idea the author returns to time and again and is the most important idea in the story. Explain your answer by sharing the feelings of the main character, the thoughts and conversations he has, the actions and events of the story, and what the characters ultimately learn.

Essay Topic 2

The allure of security is a driving force in the plot development of The Square Root of Wonderful. How important is security in a marriage or relationship in the present day? How important was the role of security in a marriage or relationship in the 1950s? Discuss how love and marriage differ in terms of needs and desires now versus then, weaving in security and safety in your response.

Essay Topic 3

Compare and Contrast the roles of Sister and Mother Lovejoy. In which ways are the ladies alike in their thinking regarding Philip? In which ways are they different? Is one woman more of an enabler than the other? Explain your answer and use evidence from the text.

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