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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. How is Mollie mentally affected by Philip's emotional outbursts?
(a) She slides into a depression
(b) She is paralyzed in fear
(c) She becomes indifferent to emotions
(d) She becomes passive aggressive

2. What is the best description for the relationship between Mollie and Philip?
(a) Loving
(b) Strong
(c) Volatile
(d) Happy

3. What does Philip want to accomplish now that he has been released from the sanatorium?
(a) Write another novel
(b) Become an actor
(c) Take a job in town
(d) Become a doctor

4. If Philip were to re-marry Mollie, how would Mother Lovejoy benefit?
(a) She would benefit economically
(b) She would benefit by heightening her social status
(c) She would benefit by having a big family
(d) She would benefit by keeping the house

5. What does John consider a betrayal?
(a) Mollie's indecision
(b) Philip's actions towards Paris
(c) Philip's attempts to disuade him
(d) Mollie and Philip's intimacy

Short Answer Questions

1. What quality does John have that Philip does not that keeps John on a steady path?

2. What kind of family did Philip originally come from?

3. What does John confess his ex-wife did that destroyed their marriage and John's faith in marriage?

4. What does Philip swear is the only thing that will satisfy him and cause him to regain his mental health?

5. What is John trying to find out about Mollie?

Short Essay Questions

1. What happens as a result of Philip's outburst of violence?

2. What are Hattie's comments regarding the white coverings over the furnishings?

3. Describe the background of Philip Lovejoy.

4. What is Philip's rationale for leaving before dawn?

5. What does John discuss with Paris that he considers the square root of sin?

6. What does Paris's friend Hattie think of Philip?

7. Where does the play take place?

8. What information does John give Mollie that makes her brighten?

9. How does Philip talk and feel about love and nature now?

10. Who is John Tucker?

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