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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What literary device is John's story of his struggle to save the drowning sailor best described as?
(a) A metaphor
(b) An analogy
(c) An anecdote
(d) A simile

2. What is the best word to describe the scene between father and son when it becomes clear that Philip intends to kill himself?
(a) Thrilling
(b) Fearful
(c) Horrific
(d) Poignant

3. With Mollie's bags packed, what does Mollie intend to do?
(a) To teach Mother Lovejoy a lesson
(b) To threaten to leave
(c) To leave her family
(d) To scare Philip

4. Why does Mother Lovejoy want to hire a limousine for Mollie?
(a) For privacy from the public
(b) So she may cry in peace
(c) So no one can see inside
(d) To show status

5. Why does Philip need Paris to accompany him?
(a) To make his mother worry
(b) As payback to Mollie
(c) To soothe him from fear
(d) To save him from himself

6. What has Mollie done in the middle of the night?
(a) Mollie has escaped with John
(b) Mollie has left alone
(c) Mollie has left Philip
(d) Mollie has packed her things

7. How does Paris feel about his father's irrational behavior?
(a) Worried
(b) Scared
(c) Frustrated
(d) Anxious

8. What subject does John have a penchant for?
(a) English
(b) Math
(c) History
(d) Science

9. What color is Philips face?
(a) White
(b) Pale
(c) Grey
(d) Yellow

10. How does Mollie describe the memory of Philip?
(a) Depressing
(b) Confusing
(c) Haunting
(d) Sad

11. Who has Mother Lovejoy transfered her affection to now that Philip has passed?
(a) Sister
(b) Paris
(c) John
(d) Mollie

12. What was Mollie thinking at the moment of Philip's death that, because of their strong connection, she knows Philip knew about?
(a) Paris
(b) The choice of her future husband
(c) Her love for Philip
(d) John

13. What is Mollie the most grateful for after Philip's death?
(a) The house and her new life
(b) Her whole extended family
(c) Mother Lovejoy and Sister
(d) Paris and John

14. What is Philip's emotional state during the third act?
(a) A state of depression
(b) A state of despair
(c) A state of rage
(d) A state of freedom

15. What does the state of the furniture in Paris's house make it look like the family is in the throws of?
(a) Refurbishing
(b) Mourning
(c) Moving
(d) Cleaning

Short Answer Questions

1. How does Paris respond to his father's idea of leaving?

2. Who serves as the main voice of reason for Mollie during her grief?

3. What is the core reason or feeling why Paris does not go with his father?

4. What does Philip believe his only course of action because Mollie does not understand how much he loves her?

5. What does Mother Lovejoy claim the taxi cab driver will do that will be disturbing to Mollie and is the reason why they should chose another mode of transportation?

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