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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Philip recall in response to Paris's outdoor plans for the day?
(a) Paris's childhood
(b) His love of boating
(c) His love of the outdoors
(d) His own childhood

2. When Philip was younger, how long did he think love and joy would last?
(a) Forever
(b) Until manhood
(c) He didn't know
(d) As long as he wanted it to

3. What is covering the furnishings in Paris's house after his father's death?
(a) Plastic
(b) White tents
(c) Black blankets
(d) White coverings

4. Why is Mollie in seclusion in her room?
(a) She is waiting for John
(b) She is paralyzed with grief
(c) She is depressed
(d) She does not believe the truth

5. Who informs Philip that Mollie is prepared to leave?
(a) Mother Lovejoy
(b) Sister
(c) Paris
(d) John

6. Who serves as the main voice of reason for Mollie during her grief?
(a) John
(b) Paris
(c) Mother Lovejoy
(d) Sister

7. What does Paris think that all the talk of the new house sounds like?
(a) The square root of wonderful
(b) The square root of terrific
(c) The square root of grief
(d) The square root of sin

8. How does Philip act when he discusses his course of action to leave with Paris?
(a) Desperate
(b) Forceful
(c) Cunning
(d) Stealth

9. What does the color of Philip's face represent?
(a) Depression
(b) Shame
(c) Fear
(d) Death

10. What does Philip believe his only course of action because Mollie does not understand how much he loves her?
(a) To try one more time to resolve their love
(b) To leave and take Paris with him
(c) To force Mollie to come with them and start over
(d) To kidnap Mollie

11. Why does Mother Lovejoy want to hire a limousine for Mollie?
(a) So she may cry in peace
(b) So no one can see inside
(c) To show status
(d) For privacy from the public

12. How does Paris describe the act of suicide?
(a) It is a weak act
(b) It is an act of courage
(c) It is an act of defeat
(d) It is inevitable for some people

13. What is the story that John tells when relating to Paris's story regarding his father?
(a) A sailor that drowned himself
(b) A sailor who kept pulling down John with him
(c) A sailor who killed himself
(d) A sailor who was sad

14. In what kind of state is Philip when he recalls his boyhood?
(a) Happy
(b) Tense
(c) Depressed
(d) Dream-like

15. What will John provide for his new family that Philip was unable to provide?
(a) A strict disciplinarian
(b) A friendship
(c) A loving father relationship
(d) A strong foundation

Short Answer Questions

1. How does Mollie react when she learns what her ex-husband had intended to do just hours before his death?

2. What is Paris's answer to his father's idea to leave together?

3. Is Mollie awake when Philip leaves?

4. With Mollie's bags packed, what does Mollie intend to do?

5. What is Philip ultimately seeking as he is making his escape and intending to end his life?

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