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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Upon hearing the news of Mollie's packing, what does Philip want Paris to do?
(a) Get dressed and stay with Sister
(b) Get dressed and stay inside
(c) Find Mother Lovejoy
(d) Get dressed and come with him

2. How does Mollie react to Paris's "square root of wonderful?"
(a) She does not understand
(b) She is happy
(c) She hugs Paris and John
(d) She laughs

3. What is the story that John tells when relating to Paris's story regarding his father?
(a) A sailor who kept pulling down John with him
(b) A sailor that drowned himself
(c) A sailor who killed himself
(d) A sailor who was sad

4. What is John's profession of an architect a metaphor of?
(a) Rebuilding Mollie and Paris's lives
(b) Building a new way of thinking
(c) Housing a family
(d) Stiking out on his own

5. What does Philip now see love and nature to be?
(a) A struggle
(b) Fleeting happiness
(c) Uncontrollable
(d) Pure joy

6. Why is Mollie the square root of wonderful?
(a) Because she is the source of pride
(b) Because she is the source of growing love
(c) Because she is the source of passion
(d) Because she is the source of family

7. What plans has Paris made for the day that, in addition to other feelings, keeps him from wanting to leave?
(a) He plans to help John with the house
(b) He plans to play with his school friend
(c) He plans to go hiking
(d) He plans to go fishing

8. What kind of surroundings does Philip prefer now as opposed to his boyhood?
(a) Philip prefers the forest
(b) Philip prefers only the company of Mollie
(c) Philip prefers the darkness
(d) Philip prefers people around him

9. How does Mother Lovejoy show that Paris is now the one she will love the most?
(a) By promising him a new father
(b) By promising him an inheritance
(c) By promising him a new home
(d) By promising him a new life

10. Who does John think Mollie must choose to save from a similar fate as Philip?
(a) Paris
(b) Sister
(c) Mother Lovejoy
(d) Herself

11. Where are Paris and his mother moving to?
(a) Brookyn Yard
(b) Bronx Village
(c) New York City
(d) Brooklyn Heights

12. What does Paris confess and confirm that Philip wanted to do with Paris the morning he left?
(a) Plot against John
(b) Take Mollie with him
(c) Leave alone
(d) Take Paris with him

13. What does Mother Lovejoy have tremendous distaste for in terms of the expression of emotions?
(a) Casual embraces
(b) Personal affection
(c) Confessions in confidence
(d) Romantic advances

14. How is Philip incapable of thinking?
(a) He is incapable of thinking rationaly
(b) He is incapable of thinking about the safety of his child
(c) He is incapable of thinking positively
(d) He is incapable of thinking of anyone besides himself

15. Where does Philip tell Paris he intends to go with him?
(a) Out of the country
(b) Somewhere neither of them has been
(c) To the city
(d) Up north

Short Answer Questions

1. How does Paris describe the act of suicide?

2. What does Paris go to do after his father discusses love and nature with him?

3. What is Philip's emotional state during the third act?

4. What is the best phrase to describe Philip's perception of his world during this dark time?

5. What is Philip inevitably intending to do because he cannot solve his own problems?

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