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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Paris go to do after his father discusses love and nature with him?
(a) To wake Sister
(b) To get ready to go fishing
(c) To find Mother Lovejoy
(d) To rouse Mollie

2. How does Paris respond to his father's idea of leaving?
(a) Paris agrees to go
(b) Paris is indifferent
(c) Paris strongly hesitates
(d) Paris becomes angry

3. What does Paris think that all the talk of the new house sounds like?
(a) The square root of wonderful
(b) The square root of sin
(c) The square root of terrific
(d) The square root of grief

4. Which character tries most to console Mollie in her most desperate, grieving time?
(a) Mother Lovejoy
(b) John
(c) Paris
(d) Sister

5. What is Paris's answer to his father's idea to leave together?
(a) Paris is excited to leave the farm
(b) Paris wants to tell his mother he is leaving
(c) Paris leaves willingly
(d) Paris refuses to leave

6. What does Mother Lovejoy claim the taxi cab driver will do that will be disturbing to Mollie and is the reason why they should chose another mode of transportation?
(a) Drive too slow
(b) Drive too fast
(c) Talk too much
(d) Charge too much money

7. What does Mother Lovejoy offer both Mollie and Paris should they ever need it?
(a) An education
(b) Money
(c) A home
(d) A car

8. What is Philip's rationale for escaping with Paris?
(a) Philip needs to find work
(b) They need to start over
(c) Nothing else has worked to gain Mollie's love back
(d) He must prove his is not mad

9. What will the family remember most about Philip?
(a) His genuis and his angst
(b) His love and compassion
(c) His anger and his volatility
(d) His care and his confusion

10. Who does Mollie blame for Philip's death?
(a) Paris
(b) Philip
(c) Herself
(d) John

11. Who serves as the main voice of reason for Mollie during her grief?
(a) John
(b) Paris
(c) Sister
(d) Mother Lovejoy

12. What has Mother Lovejoy chosen to use as a form of transportation as opposed to a taxi to get to the train station?
(a) A plane
(b) A heliocopter
(c) A small bus
(d) A limousine

13. What does Philip now see love and nature to be?
(a) A struggle
(b) Pure joy
(c) Uncontrollable
(d) Fleeting happiness

14. When Philip was younger, how long did he think love and joy would last?
(a) As long as he wanted it to
(b) He didn't know
(c) Forever
(d) Until manhood

15. What subject does John have a penchant for?
(a) English
(b) History
(c) Science
(d) Math

Short Answer Questions

1. What does Philip recall in response to Paris's outdoor plans for the day?

2. What does Paris accuse his father of being to come up with such an idea of leaving?

3. How does Mother Lovejoy show that Paris is now the one she will love the most?

4. What is the core reason or feeling why Paris does not go with his father?

5. How does Mollie describe the memory of Philip?

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