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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What is Mollie the most grateful for after Philip's death?
(a) Mother Lovejoy and Sister
(b) The house and her new life
(c) Paris and John
(d) Her whole extended family

2. What kind of surroundings does Philip prefer now as opposed to his boyhood?
(a) Philip prefers the forest
(b) Philip prefers only the company of Mollie
(c) Philip prefers the darkness
(d) Philip prefers people around him

3. What is the story that John tells when relating to Paris's story regarding his father?
(a) A sailor that drowned himself
(b) A sailor who was sad
(c) A sailor who killed himself
(d) A sailor who kept pulling down John with him

4. What does the state of the furniture in Paris's house make it look like the family is in the throws of?
(a) Cleaning
(b) Moving
(c) Mourning
(d) Refurbishing

5. Who serves as the main voice of reason for Mollie during her grief?
(a) Mother Lovejoy
(b) Sister
(c) John
(d) Paris

6. What plans has Paris made for the day that, in addition to other feelings, keeps him from wanting to leave?
(a) He plans to play with his school friend
(b) He plans to help John with the house
(c) He plans to go hiking
(d) He plans to go fishing

7. Why is Mollie in seclusion in her room?
(a) She does not believe the truth
(b) She is paralyzed with grief
(c) She is waiting for John
(d) She is depressed

8. What does Philip's desire to get Paris to leave with him stem from?
(a) His ultimate desire to live
(b) Pure evil
(c) Fear of going on without Mollie
(d) Fear of being alone

9. What is the core reason or feeling why Paris does not go with his father?
(a) True fear
(b) Faith
(c) Disobedience
(d) Intuition

10. How does Paris respond to his father's idea of leaving?
(a) Paris strongly hesitates
(b) Paris is indifferent
(c) Paris becomes angry
(d) Paris agrees to go

11. What does Paris confess and confirm that Philip wanted to do with Paris the morning he left?
(a) Plot against John
(b) Take Paris with him
(c) Take Mollie with him
(d) Leave alone

12. Where is Philip by the time Mollie rises?
(a) He has left
(b) He is in the kitchen
(c) He has gone to the barn
(d) He is waiting in the car

13. What is Paris's answer to his father's idea to leave together?
(a) Paris is excited to leave the farm
(b) Paris leaves willingly
(c) Paris wants to tell his mother he is leaving
(d) Paris refuses to leave

14. Is Mollie awake when Philip leaves?
(a) Yes
(b) She is just waking
(c) She was awake, then falls back to sleep
(d) No

15. What does John talk about that brightens the mood of both Mollie and Paris?
(a) The memory of Philip
(b) The fate of the farm
(c) Their new house and life together
(d) The love and support of Sister

Short Answer Questions

1. What is Philip ultimately seeking as he is making his escape and intending to end his life?

2. Who does Mother Lovejoy say will inherit her estate when she dies?

3. How does Paris feel about his father's irrational behavior?

4. What is Philip's emotional state during the third act?

5. Upon hearing the news of Mollie's packing, what does Philip want Paris to do?

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