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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Mollie commend Philip on when she first sees him after his stay in the sanatorium?
(a) His kindness
(b) His looks
(c) His manners
(d) His progress

2. At the dinner table, what does Philip dissuade John from doing?
(a) Trying to make friends with him
(b) Making advances towards Mollie
(c) Building his house
(d) Staying on the property as a tenant

3. What does Paris's school friend immediately do when Philip comes into the room to speak to Paris?
(a) She asks Paris where he's been
(b) She runs from the house
(c) She does not notice him
(d) She says hello to him

4. What do Mother Lovejoy and Sister continue to do to Mollie now that Philip is back?
(a) Attempt to sway Mollie into dating again someone new
(b) Attempt to sway Mollie to convince Philip to quiting writing
(c) Attempt to sway Mollie into re-marrying Philip
(d) Attempt to sway Mollie into marrying John

5. According to John, what is someone hurting your feelings the square root of?
(a) Anger
(b) Love
(c) Death
(d) Sin

6. Why does Mollie always take Philip back, despite his violent tendencies?
(a) His solid Christianity
(b) He is charming
(c) His fidelity
(d) He is good natured

7. In the past, what did those who loved Philip tend to do immediately following an outburst of violence or anger?
(a) Forgive him
(b) Isolate him
(c) Punish him
(d) Ignore him

8. What gift does Philip give Paris for his forgotten birthday?
(a) A hand carved chest
(b) A hand carved toy box
(c) A hand carved statue
(d) A hand carved chess set

9. What does Philip's mother do after Philip lashes out in anger towards her because of the state of his life?
(a) She packs her bags to go
(b) She breaks down into tears
(c) She says Mollie is to blame for Philip's anger
(d) She goes to find Sister for support

10. Who is Mother Lovejoy placing the onus of saving Philip upon?
(a) Mollie
(b) Sister
(c) Philip himself
(d) Paris

11. How does John describe the act of someone hurting your feelings to Paris?
(a) It is a loss of dignity
(b) It is a loss of pride
(c) It is a loss of self-esteem
(d) It is a loss of self-worth

12. What does Philip believe his artistic brilliance to be?
(a) A curse
(b) A random occurance
(c) Inadequate
(d) A gift

13. Why does Mollie hold her new lover at bay with her affections?
(a) Because falling in love is not casual to Mollie
(b) Because falling in love is really only lust in disguise to Molly
(c) Because falling in love is too painful for Mollie
(d) Because falling in love is too scary for Molly

14. What is the main way the character of Sister is different from the character of Philip?
(a) She is abusive
(b) She is quiet
(c) She is gentle
(d) She is smart

15. What did Mollie and Philip do the day they met?
(a) Met Mollie's parents
(b) Made love
(c) Talked all night
(d) Danced all night

Short Answer Questions

1. What does Philip admit to Mollie that he needs and can't go on living without?

2. What does Paris dream of at the beginning of the play?

3. What does John confess his ex-wife did that destroyed their marriage and John's faith in marriage?

4. If Philip were to re-marry Mollie, how would Mother Lovejoy benefit?

5. What does Sister strictly advise Mollie not to do in terms of her relationship with John Tucker?

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