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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Philip have the most difficult time controlling about himself?
(a) His mood
(b) His depression
(c) His deep seated madness
(d) His love for Mollie

2. Why does Mollie hold her new lover at bay with her affections?
(a) Because falling in love is too scary for Molly
(b) Because falling in love is really only lust in disguise to Molly
(c) Because falling in love is too painful for Mollie
(d) Because falling in love is not casual to Mollie

3. If Philip were to re-marry Mollie, how would Mother Lovejoy benefit?
(a) She would benefit by having a big family
(b) She would benefit by keeping the house
(c) She would benefit by heightening her social status
(d) She would benefit economically

4. What does John ask Mollie when he meets up with her in the house?
(a) John asks Mollie to help him build his house
(b) John asks Mollie for coffee
(c) John asks Mollie to wait for him
(d) John asks Mollie to marry him

5. What event does the dream that Paris has in the beginning of the play foreshadow?
(a) His father's love
(b) His father's violence
(c) His father's return
(d) His father's lack of commitment

6. What is John's profession?
(a) Architect
(b) Banker
(c) Businessman
(d) Teacher

7. Where are Mother Lovejoy and Sister staying in anticipation of Philip's homecoming?
(a) Mollie's house
(b) Sister's house
(c) Mother Lovejoy's house
(d) John Tucker's house

8. What does Philip want to be in terms of a career?
(a) A successful actor
(b) A politician
(c) A poet
(d) A successful writer

9. What does John offer Mollie that Phillip cannot?
(a) Security
(b) Adventure
(c) Volatility
(d) Passion

10. What does Paris confide in John that he has not confided in his father?
(a) his anger towards his father
(b) The insecurities of adolescence
(c) His sadness
(d) His resentment of his father

11. How does John describe the act of someone hurting your feelings to Paris?
(a) It is a loss of self-worth
(b) It is a loss of dignity
(c) It is a loss of self-esteem
(d) It is a loss of pride

12. Why do most of Philip's family members tend to forgive him, even though he is a violent and volatile man?
(a) He has redemptive charm
(b) He is extremely loyal
(c) He is dedicated
(d) He is honest

13. Where does the play open?
(a) In the bedroom of the farmhouse
(b) In the kitchen of the farmhouse
(c) In the family room of the farmhouse
(d) In the living room of the farmhouse

14. Why does Mollie always take Philip back, despite his violent tendencies?
(a) His solid Christianity
(b) He is good natured
(c) He is charming
(d) His fidelity

15. At the dinner table, what does Philip dissuade John from doing?
(a) Trying to make friends with him
(b) Staying on the property as a tenant
(c) Building his house
(d) Making advances towards Mollie

Short Answer Questions

1. What does Paris's school friend immediately do when Philip comes into the room to speak to Paris?

2. Who does the character of John believe needs to be saved the most in this situation?

3. What does Philip swear is the only thing that will satisfy him and cause him to regain his mental health?

4. What is the name of Mollie's ex-husband?

5. What does Philip believe his artistic brilliance to be?

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