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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What quality of Philip has served as the backdrop for the tumultuous lives of his family?
(a) His violent rages
(b) His compassionate friendship
(c) His loving relationships
(d) His artistic genius

2. What does Philip want more than anything else after he returns from the sanatorium?
(a) To have more children
(b) To feel and live again
(c) To further develop the farm
(d) To re-marry Mollie

3. What does Philip employ as a winning strategy when he tells Mollie that he will die if she leaves him?
(a) A moral obligation
(b) A bribery mechanism
(c) A guilt mechanism
(d) An ultimatum

4. What event does the dream that Paris has in the beginning of the play foreshadow?
(a) His father's lack of commitment
(b) His father's violence
(c) His father's love
(d) His father's return

5. What does Paris dream of at the beginning of the play?
(a) His father being a burglar
(b) His father reading to him
(c) His father joining the army
(d) His father teaching him skills

6. What does John consider a betrayal?
(a) Philip's attempts to disuade him
(b) Mollie's indecision
(c) Mollie and Philip's intimacy
(d) Philip's actions towards Paris

7. Where did Mollie meet her new love?
(a) On the side of the road
(b) At church
(c) At a local bar
(d) Through mutual friends

8. What are the rumors in town regarding Philip?
(a) His wife is having an affair
(b) He will return to the sanatorium
(c) He is violent and abusive
(d) He is in a crazy emotional state

9. Why has Mollie been awake instead of sleeping when the play opens?
(a) She has been discussing plans with her new tenant John
(b) She was consoling Sister
(c) She was arguing with her ex-husband
(d) She was preparing a stew

10. What does John offer Mollie that Phillip cannot?
(a) Volatility
(b) Adventure
(c) Security
(d) Passion

11. Who is Mollie comforting at the beginning of the play?
(a) Sister
(b) John
(c) Paris
(d) Philip

12. Who is aghast that John could love Mollie after such a short time?
(a) Paris
(b) Mother Lovejoy
(c) Sister
(d) Philip

13. What bores Philip as he is talking with Mollie after his stay in the sanatorium?
(a) Talk of Sister
(b) Talk of John Tucker
(c) Talk of therapy
(d) Talk of farmhouse life

14. What does Mollie tell Philip she intends to do that will affect her relationship with him?
(a) Marry Philip
(b) Leave with Philip
(c) Marry John
(d) Leave with John

15. At the dinner table, what does Philip dissuade John from doing?
(a) Making advances towards Mollie
(b) Building his house
(c) Trying to make friends with him
(d) Staying on the property as a tenant

Short Answer Questions

1. According to John, what is humiliation the same as?

2. What does Mollie commend Philip on when she first sees him after his stay in the sanatorium?

3. What quality does John have that Philip does not that keeps John on a steady path?

4. If Philip were to re-marry Mollie, how would Mother Lovejoy benefit?

5. What type of writing has Philip published?

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