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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Mollie commend Philip on when she first sees him after his stay in the sanatorium?
(a) His kindness
(b) His looks
(c) His manners
(d) His progress

2. What does Philip employ as a winning strategy when he tells Mollie that he will die if she leaves him?
(a) A bribery mechanism
(b) A moral obligation
(c) A guilt mechanism
(d) An ultimatum

3. What does Mother Lovejoy notice has changed in Mollie now that Philip has returned?
(a) She has become more graceful
(b) She has a certain glow
(c) She has lost weight
(d) She has been smiling

4. What does Sister assure Philip will happen if he calms himself from the fight with Mollie and just comes back home?
(a) He might fall in love with another woman
(b) He would regain mental clarity
(c) He could write in peace and quite
(d) He would make sound decisions

5. How does Mollie react to the sudden and unexpected presence of Philip?
(a) Startled
(b) Joyful
(c) Tearful
(d) Angry

6. According to John, what is someone hurting your feelings the square root of?
(a) Sin
(b) Death
(c) Anger
(d) Love

7. What is the name of the new man in Mollie's life?
(a) Paul Tucker
(b) John Taylor
(c) John Tucker
(d) Philip Lovejoy

8. Who is aghast that John could love Mollie after such a short time?
(a) Philip
(b) Sister
(c) Paris
(d) Mother Lovejoy

9. At the dinner table, what does Philip dissuade John from doing?
(a) Staying on the property as a tenant
(b) Building his house
(c) Trying to make friends with him
(d) Making advances towards Mollie

10. What did it take for Mollie to fall in love with Philip?
(a) A touch of the hand
(b) One kiss
(c) A marriage proposal
(d) A long courtship process

11. Which character does Philip have questions about the moment he arrives home?
(a) Mother Lovejoy
(b) John
(c) Sister
(d) Paris

12. What needs to be reconciled in order for John and Mollie to begin building a new life for the two of them?
(a) Philip's emotional debris
(b) Philip's madness
(c) Philip's lack of understanding
(d) Philip's control over Mollie

13. In the beginning of Act 2, what activity has Philip resumed?
(a) Arguing
(b) Writing
(c) Drinking
(d) Complaining

14. Who does the character of John believe needs to be saved the most in this situation?
(a) Paris
(b) Philip
(c) Mollie
(d) Sister

15. What is the name of Mollie's ex-husband?
(a) John
(b) Frank
(c) Philip
(d) Henry

Short Answer Questions

1. What is slowly happening to Philip's family as he continues to display anger and engage in violent outbursts?

2. What does John consider a betrayal?

3. What happens when Philip grabs Mollie in a fit of anger?

4. Why does Mollie hold her new lover at bay with her affections?

5. How did Paris feel while his father was away?

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