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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does the character of John represent to Mollie and Paris in terms of their future?
(a) He is a positive role model
(b) He is a beacon of hope
(c) He is a sensitive and caring friend
(d) He is a source of pride

2. After John's proposal to Mollie, which character enters the home?
(a) Mother Lovejoy
(b) Philip
(c) Paris
(d) Sister

3. How long has Mollie known her new love?
(a) Six months
(b) Ten days
(c) One year
(d) One week

4. What has Sister never done that seems to astound others?
(a) Gotten married
(b) Traveled
(c) Taken pride in her appearance
(d) Had a proper education

5. What is John trying to find out about Mollie?
(a) If she is capable of loving him
(b) If she is still in love with Philip
(c) If she is interested in money
(d) If she woud be a dedicated wife

6. What does Philip want to accomplish now that he has been released from the sanatorium?
(a) Take a job in town
(b) Write another novel
(c) Become a doctor
(d) Become an actor

7. Who does the character of John believe needs to be saved the most in this situation?
(a) Philip
(b) Paris
(c) Mollie
(d) Sister

8. Who does Philip primarily blame for his emotional angst?
(a) Sister
(b) Paris
(c) His mother
(d) Mollie

9. What is the main way the character of Sister is different from the character of Philip?
(a) She is gentle
(b) She is quiet
(c) She is smart
(d) She is abusive

10. What kind of institution do we learn Philip is being released from in the beginning of the play?
(a) The military
(b) The hospital
(c) The sanatorium
(d) Prison

11. What event does the dream that Paris has in the beginning of the play foreshadow?
(a) His father's lack of commitment
(b) His father's return
(c) His father's love
(d) His father's violence

12. At the dinner table, what does Philip dissuade John from doing?
(a) Trying to make friends with him
(b) Building his house
(c) Staying on the property as a tenant
(d) Making advances towards Mollie

13. What does John confess his ex-wife did that destroyed their marriage and John's faith in marriage?
(a) She did not want children
(b) She paid more attention to his friends than to him
(c) She was abusive
(d) She was unfaithful

14. What does John's profession symbolize to Mollie?
(a) The rebuilding of a new life
(b) Strength of character
(c) Safety and security
(d) The height of certain dreams

15. What does Philip admit to Mollie that he needs and can't go on living without?
(a) Family support
(b) Writing
(c) The farmhouse
(d) Her

Short Answer Questions

1. What is the name of Mollie's ex-husband?

2. What does Philip want more than anything else after he returns from the sanatorium?

3. Which character tries to calm Philip down when he is upset with Mollie for wanting to leave him?

4. Why do most of Philip's family members tend to forgive him, even though he is a violent and volatile man?

5. Who is Mother Lovejoy placing the onus of saving Philip upon?

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