The Square Root of Wonderful Character Descriptions

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Hattie Brown - This character is Paris Lovejoy's school friend who has been told never to go to the Lovejoy house.

Loreena Lovejoy - This character is Paris's sister.

Mollie Lovejoy - This character has been married twice to Phillip but is currently divorced from him and struggles to separate herself emotionally from her ex-husband.

Mother Lovejoy - This character is Phillip's bossy mother, originally from Georgia, and is more devious and calculating than she appears.

Paris Lovejoy - This character is forced to sleep on the living room couch and is more like an adult character than a teenager.

Phillip Lovejoy - This character is unhappy with the profession he has chosen because of the challenges that surround the work. This character has spent time at the sanatorium.

Sister - This character is Mother Lovejoy's daughter and Phillip's sister and has never married, even though...

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