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1. How does Kiyoaki's father feel about his role in the 1912 New Year's celebration?

Kiyoaki's role in the New Year's celebration is to hold the empress' train. His father is pleased with the role because it shows the favor the imperial family has for his son. Kiyoaki's father believe it is because of Kiyoaki's good looks, which also makes him proud.

2. What makes Honda an unlikely friend for Kiyoaki?

Honda and Kiyoaki are friends even though they are different. Kiyoaki is refined and acts delicately, while Honda enjoys outdoor activities. Honda is also pragmatic and rooted in reality while Kiyoaki is a daydreamer.

3. When does Kiyoaki see Satoko again since their childhood? Does he see her differently?

Kiyoaki runs into Satoko while taking a boat ride with Honda. Kiyoaki is caught by her beauty when he realizes he knew her when they were children.

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