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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapters 6-10.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. In "Chapter 7," what does Honda say about Kiyoaki's family's values?
(a) They are woman-centered.
(b) They are western.
(c) They are traditional.
(d) They don't have any values.

2. What do all the women in Kiyoaki's family wear for the New Year's celebration?
(a) They wear masks.
(b) No make-up.
(c) White face make-up.
(d) Colored mascara.

3. What makes Iinuma feel like he failed Kiyoaki as a tutor?
(a) His focus on the sciences.
(b) His interest in sports.
(c) His inability to learn French.
(d) His lack of interest in everything.

4. How is Kiyoaki's personal life at school described?
(a) He has a few close friends.
(b) He is isolated.
(c) He has many friends, but no close friends.
(d) He is popular.

5. In "Chapter 9," what does Iinuma say he feels was his responsibility to teach Kiyoaki?
(a) To refine his movements.
(b) To teach a passion for the arts.
(c) To help him make friends.
(d) To instill a work ethic.

Short Answer Questions

1. Why does Iinuma want his flirtation kept secret?

2. In "Chapter 9," what does Iinuma do after praying?

3. In "Chapter 8," what worries Kiyoaki most about Satoko?

4. In what language do the Siamese princes speak to Kiyoaki?

5. How does Kiyoaki say he feels about Satoko when he sees her as a teenager for the first time?

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