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Objective: Kiyoaki is a product of a wealthy family who is well connected. The objective of this lesson is to analyze the impact of social status on Kiyoaki's character.

1) Class discussion: What is Kiyoaki's role at the New Year's celebration? Why was he selected for this duty? How does he feel about it? How can you tell that Kiyoaki's family is upper class? What does Kiyoaki look like? What does he act like? How does his father describe him? How does Kiyoaki feel about his social status? Which characters have less social status than Kiyoaki? How does he treat them? How does he compare to them? What does Kiyoaki seem to expect from his future?

2) Pair work: In pairs, students will make a character map for Kiyoaki. Pairs should include on their map how his social status affects, or does not affect, the traits and attributes included...

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