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Chapters 1-5

• Kiyoaki is given an honored position in the New Year's celebrations.

• Kiyoaki is refined and handsome.

• Honda is Kiyoaki's friend, even though they differ greatly.

• Kiyoaki runs into a friend from childhood, Satoko, who has become beautiful.

Chapters 6-10

• Two Siamese princes come to stay with Kiyoaki and his family.

• Honda reflects on history.

• Kiyoaki writes a cruel letter to Satoko, but insists she burn it before reading it.

• Kiyoaki worries Satoko read his letter anyway.

• Kiyoaki agrees to help his tutor with the maid he likes.

Chapters 11-15

• Kiyoaki and Satoko skip school to go on a rickshaw ride.

• Kiyoaki and Satoko have their first kiss.

• Kiyoaki gives Iinuma the key to his father's library so he can meet with the maid.

• Satoko writes a letter confessing her feelings for Kiyoaki.

Chapters 16-20

• Kiyoaki and his family celebrate the spring festivities.

• Kiyoaki confesses his love...

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