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Short Answer Questions

1. What subject does Walter bring up to Frank again when Frank returns from Detroit?

2. How did the relationship with the professor Frank lived with at the college begin and end?

3. While Vicki is looking for the croquet mallets, who does Frank meet?

4. Who does Frank run into while doing yard work?

5. As Frank pulls off the highway on his way home from Easter dinner, what can he see?

Short Essay Questions

1. How does the search for Walter's daughter help Frank?

2. Who is waiting for Frank when he returns home from Detroit? What does this person want?

3. How did Frank find his welcoming at Berkshire College by the other professors?

4. Who is waiting for Frank outside the police station and what do they do?

5. Where is Frank at when he is making a phone call after leaving Wade's house and what happens while he is making a call?

6. Detail the search Frank goes on for Walter's daughter in Florida.

7. What does Frank become obsessed with after Ralph's death and why does Frank become obsessed with them?

8. List three members of Vicki's family Frank meets on Easter and Frank's impression of these people.

9. Through this search for Walter's daughter in Florida, what has Walter given Frank?

10. Describe what happens at the Easter family dinner at Vicki's father's house.

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

Throughout "The Sportswriter," there are many friendships that are established. Pick one friendship that is established and explain what characteristics makes this friendship specifically between the two friends mentioned. Students can choose from Vicki and Frank, Selma and Frank, X's father-in-law and Frank, Walter and Frank or any pair of characters from the story.

Essay Topic 2

Walter is a man who Frank meets as a member of the Divorced Men Club. Who is this Walter? Write a biography of Walter, giving as much information about Walter as you can provide. Give specific examples and details from the story to support your biography.

Essay Topic 3

In a conversation Frank has with X's father-in-law, X's father-in-law calls Frank's relationship with Vicki a rebound relationship. Why does X's father-in-law call this relationship a rebound relationship? What causes X's father-in-law to make this statement? What is Frank's reaction to this comment and do you agree with the comment? Why / why not?

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