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Short Answer Questions

1. What is Frank given at the police station?

2. At the police station, Frank is told he does not have to identify the body because they have found a family member to do this. Where is this family member from?

3. As a result of Frank's kindness, what can't Walter do?

4. Where does Frank stop on the way to see Vicki's father in Chapter 10?

5. How did the relationship with the professor Frank lived with at the college begin and end?

Short Essay Questions

1. Explain how Frank got a job offer to teach at Berkshire College.

2. Where does Frank read Walter's letter and what makes him so shocked?

3. List three members of Vicki's family Frank meets on Easter and Frank's impression of these people.

4. Detail the trip to Vicki's fathers home for Easter dinner.

5. On the way home from Vicki's father's on Easter, who does Frank think of and what does he do about it?

6. Did X and the children visit Frank at Berkshire College? Give examples to support your answer.

7. Describe Frank's relationship with another of Berkshire College's professors, Selma, while Frank taught at Berkshire.

8. Who is waiting for Frank when he returns home from Detroit? What does this person want?

9. What does Frank become obsessed with after Ralph's death and why does Frank become obsessed with them?

10. What does Frank do once he sees a woman he believes he knows in a catalog?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

Frank keeps a promise to Walter and travels to Florida to tell his illegitimate daughter about Walter's death. Frank travels to Florida and discovers Walter lied to him. Would Frank have been able to change if he would have stayed in New Jersey? Did Frank need a new change of place? What made Frank love Florida so much and choose to stay there?

Essay Topic 2

Another theme of this book is hope. Frank is in search of it and has opportunities to give it throughout the story. List three characters from the story that give Frank hope and explain how and why they give Frank hope. Frank also has the opportunity to give hope. Name two characters that Frank has and / or could have given hope to and why he chose to give or not to give these characters hope.

Essay Topic 3

There are several characters in this book who seem to have no direction in their life. Students will choose one of the following characters from the book; Frank, Walter, or X. Students will then write about how the book details or shows this character has no direction in their life and how they are lost in a quiet despair.

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