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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter 10.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. How does Frank find Cade?
(a) Friendly.
(b) Serious.
(c) Single-minded.
(d) Comical.

2. What did Frank do more of on the trip than anything else before leaving with Vicki to Detroit?
(a) Fishing.
(b) Betting.
(c) Relaxing.
(d) Hunting.

3. After having drinks in Chapter 4, where does Frank find himself parked after having drinks with Walter?
(a) A grocery store.
(b) His ex-wife's house.
(c) A palm readers.
(d) The Bowling alley.

4. How does Frank react to the story Walter told him?
(a) With fear.
(b) Nervously.
(c) He has no reaction.
(d) With disgust.

5. What does Frank try to do to Vicki when he returns from the interview in Detroit?
(a) Apologize.
(b) Make love.
(c) Cheer her up.
(d) Communicate.

Short Answer Questions

1. What disease did Frank's son have?

2. How many siblings does Frank have?

3. What major theme seen throughout the book is seen in Frank's interview with the football player?

4. Where does Frank stop for a moment after driving around town after having drinks with Walter?

5. What do Frank and Vicki do first after Frank arrives at Vicki's father's house?

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