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Lesson 1 (from Chapter 1)


Chapter 1

Frank and X have been divorced for some time. Students will critique the reasons why Frank and X got a divorce.


1. Class discussion:

A. Where were Frank and X shortly after the story began?

B. Why were they at this location?

C. Did this cause the divorce between X and Frank? Explain.

D. If this was not the sole contributor to the divorce, what did Frank do that led to divorce?

E. What did X do that led to a divorce?

F. What was the final event that led to the divorce?

G. Describe what happened with this event.

2. Critique: Students will critique Frank's actions after the death of his son Ralph and how this death contributed to Frank's change in behavior. Is there an acceptable reason to make the choices that Frank made? Were the choices Frank made ultimately responsible for Frank's divorce...

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