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Crossword Puzzle

Students will create a crossword puzzle in any way they wish, however, they must use the following words: cemetery, catalogs, fishing, croquet, phone booth, suicide, August, police station, Divorce Men's Club, Detroit, Haddam, Florida, Vicki, Ralph, and Wade. Students will write clues to these words based on "The Sportswriter."


Students will web everything they can think of and connect to "Sportswriter." What types of things are associated with the sportswriter? Who is associated with the sportswriter? Once students have finished their brainstorming, students will classify words into specific groups of like things, such as people, feeling, things, etc.

Story Map

Students will create a story map of "The Sportswriter." In the story map, students include setting, characters, specific objects or things, plot, problems and solutions, and the specific sequence of events from start to finish. Students will reflect on how the story may be different...

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