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The Hill appears in The Hill

This is where all of the characters in the "Spoon River Anthology" are buried.

The Canning Works appears in Butch Weldy

This place is where a gasoline tank in its yard exploded.

Prohibition Loaded Cane appears in Jack McGuire

This is filled with lead at one end and used as a weapon, and carried by Jack McGuire.

Chicago appears in Dora Williams

This is the nearest major city to Spoon River.

Iron-Rimmed Docket appears in Justice Arnett

This fell on a character's head.

Silk Dress appears in Aner Clute

This helped a character start living the life.

Red Eagle Cigars appears in Cooney Potter

A character died from these while drinking hot cups of coffee and working long hours on hot summer days.

Fiddle appears in Fiddler Jones

This was used by a character for hours and hours each and every joyful...

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