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Create your own epitaph that could be included in "Spoon River Anthology".

Map of The Hill

Create a map of the Spoon River Cemetery, using clues given by residents when possible.

Historical Perspective

Write an essay about the residents of Spoon River as if you were a historian writing for a publication. Use Masters's collection as the historical basis for your essay.

A Day in the Life

Describe a typical day for one of the residents of Spoon River.

Then and Now

Write a poem about one of the current residents of Spoon River.

Spoon River Headstone

Create a headstone for one of the residents of Spoon River. You may choose to use information given in his or her poem on the headstone.

The Police Report

Write a police report about the death of Barry Holden's pregnant wife.

Campaign Speech

Write John Cabanis's campaign speech.



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