Spoon River Anthology Character Descriptions

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Ruben Pantier appears in Page 39

This character's epitaph is addressed to Emily Sparks.

Butch Weldy appears in Page 48

This character was in an accident while working at the Spoon River canning works.

Fiddler Jones appears in Page 83

This character had forty acres of land, but was easily distracted by dances and picnics.

A.D. Blood appears in Page 91

This character was the mayor of Spoon River several times, and favored conservatives and the status quo.

Barry Holden appears in Page 100

This character sat on the jury of the trial of a man who killed his pregnant wife.

Judge Selah Lively appears in Page 117

This character worked as a grocery clerk while studying law until becoming an attorney.

John Cabanis appears in Page 143

This character left the part of law and order to lead the liberal party.

Archibald Higbie appears in Page 204

This character's loathing of Spoon River led...

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