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Laura Amy Schlitz
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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. In what direction do Lizzie Rose and Parsefall intend to go when they run away in Part Two: “Ice,” Chapter 42?
(a) South
(b) East
(c) North
(d) West

2. The spell that is cast on Parsefall in the end of Part Two: “Ice,” Chapter 44 make him remember what?
(a) The love he had for his sister
(b) His parents’ abandonment
(c) How cruel Grisini has been to him
(d) His father’s abuse

3. How does Parsefall feel during Cassandra’s funeral in the Epilogue?
(a) Happy
(b) Restless
(c) Vengeful
(d) Devastated

4. What is the title of Part Two: “Ice,” Chapter 42?
(a) A Christmas Gift
(b) The Miniature
(c) The Gatehouse
(d) The Morning After

5. In the beginning of Part Two: “Ice,” Chapter 45, Parsefall has a dream that he is what?
(a) A warlock
(b) A puppet
(c) A dog
(d) A whale

Short Answer Questions

1. Where does Clara lead Parsefall when he looks for a safe place to sleep in Part Two: “Ice,” Chapter 33?

2. Cassandra tells Lizzie Rose and Parsefall in Part Two: “Ice,” Chapter 32 that she has set out several items for them to choose as what?

3. Who is Lizzie Rose unable to find when she awakens in Part Two: “Ice,” Chapter 39?

4. Who is said to have fallen through the ice and drowned in Part Two: “Ice,” Chapter 47?

5. When Clara, Lizzie Rose, and Parsefall return to the house in Part Two: “Ice,” Chapter 47, they are surprised to see that what has collapsed?

Short Essay Questions

1. What actions does Clara commit in order to warn Parsefall and Lizzie Rose in Part Two: “Ice,” Chapter 33?

2. What decision does Dr. Wintermute make after meeting with his visitor in Part Two: “Ice,” Chapter 48? Why?

3. How is Christmas at the Wintermute estate described in Part Two: “Ice,” Chapter 40?

4. What happens when Parsefall and Lizzie Rose attempt to run away from Strachan’s Ghyll in Part Two: “Ice,” Chapter 43?

5. What takes place in the climax of the novel in Part Two: “Ice,” Chapter 46?

6. What does Parsefall dream of in Part Two: “Ice,” Chapter 45? What does he vow to do when he awakens from the dream?

7. How are Parsefall’s thoughts described in the Epilogue? What is Parsefall looking forward to?

8. What does Clara ask of her parents in Part Two: “Ice,” Chapter 50? How do they respond?

9. What does Lizzie Rose do upon awakening in Part Two: “Ice,” Chapter 30? Who watches her?

10. What information does Cassandra reveal to Parsefall and Lizzie Rose in Part Two: “Ice,” Chapter 44?

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