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Laura Amy Schlitz
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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What season is noted in the opening of Part One: “Fog”?
(a) Autumn
(b) Spring
(c) Winter
(d) Summer

2. Of Cassandra, the narrator says in the Prologue: “Fire,” “Now that she had reached the end of her life, she was a child again and feared” what?
(a) Being alone
(b) Her father
(c) The dark
(d) Loud noises

3. What gemstone is on the locket that Clara’s parents give her for her birthday present in the beginning of the novel?
(a) An emerald
(b) A ruby
(c) A sapphire
(d) An opal

4. What is Grisini’s full name said to be in the Prologue: “Fire”?
(a) Gremini
(b) Gaspare
(c) Griswald
(d) Gallantro

5. What is the title of Part One: “Fog,” Chapter 22?
(a) An Unexpected Discovery
(b) The Morning After
(c) The Rocking Chair
(d) The Egyptian Hall

6. On what day is Clara’s birthday in the novel?
(a) November 6
(b) July 7
(c) September 12
(d) November 16

7. Lizzie Rose shows Parsefall some of the items that she found in Grisini’s room as she was cleaning it in Part One: “Fog,” Chapter 20. What do the items consist of?
(a) Arrest warrants
(b) Birth certificates
(c) Jewelry
(d) International coins

8. How many years ago did Grisini take Parsefall from a workhouse, according to the narrator in Part One: “Fog”?
(a) 5 years ago
(b) 2 years ago
(c) 3 years ago
(d) 7 years ago

9. What is Mrs. Wintermute’s first name?
(a) Sarah
(b) Miriam
(c) Ada
(d) Jessalyn

10. What is the title of Part One: “Fog,” Chapter 25?
(a) The Rocking Chair
(b) A Member of the Audience
(c) Of Purse Strings and Puppet Strings
(d) The Legacy

11. How many pence make up a shilling?
(a) 12
(b) 6
(c) 5
(d) 10

12. What word from Part One: “Fog” refers to the defense by an accused person of having been elsewhere at the time an alleged offense was committed?
(a) Filigree
(b) Legislature
(c) Alibi
(d) Enactment

13. The letter that Lizzie Rose finds while mending clothes for Mrs. Pinchbeck’s stepson in Part One: “Fog,” Chapter 24 is addressed to whom?
(a) Mrs. Pinchbeck
(b) Dr. Wintermute
(c) Cassandra
(d) Grisini

14. How do Lizzie Rose and Parsefall travel to Strachan’s Ghyll in Part One: “Fog,” Chapter 28?
(a) By airplane
(b) By ship
(c) By train
(d) By bus

15. What is the name of Cassandra’s childhood friend who looks like one of the women she sees in the mirror in Part One: “Fog,” Chapter 7?
(a) Marguerite
(b) Christina
(c) Sarah
(d) Evelyn

Short Answer Questions

1. The children that are coming to Clara’s birthday party in Part One: “Fog,” Chapter 1 are said to be the children of her parents’ friends who live where?

2. Mrs. Pinchbeck tells Lizzie Rose and Parsefall that they can stay with her under what condition in Part One: “Fog,” Chapter 16?

3. Grisini tells Cassandra in Part One: “Fog,” Chapter 19 that in order for her to escape the curse of the phoenix-stone, it must be stolen by whom?

4. What month is it said to be when Clara awakens on her birthday in Part One: “Fog,” Chapter 1?

5. What is the title of Part One: “Fog,” Chapter 21?

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