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Laura Amy Schlitz
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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Part Two: “Ice,” Chapters 39-46.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. During their argument in Part Two: “Ice,” Chapter 40, Dr. Wintermute suggests to his wife that their daughter might still be there if she hadn’t what?
(a) Been so cruel and abusive to her
(b) Coddled her so incessantly
(c) Forced her into child labor
(d) Forced her to grieve for so long

2. How many years ago did Grisini take Parsefall from a workhouse, according to the narrator in Part One: “Fog”?
(a) 7 years ago
(b) 5 years ago
(c) 2 years ago
(d) 3 years ago

3. What is the name of the police officer that Lizzie Rose speaks to in Part One: “Fog,” Chapter 11?
(a) Constable Hawkins
(b) Constable Smith
(c) Constable Dawkins
(d) Constable Anderson

4. What does Lizzie Rose call out to Clara to do on the ice in the end of Part Two: “Ice,” Chapter 46?
(a) To run on it
(b) To skate on it
(c) To lay flat on it
(d) To break it

5. What does Lizzie Rose tell the police officer when she sees him in Part One: “Fog,” Chapter 11?
(a) About how Grisini abuses her and Parsefall
(b) About the other incidents when Grisini was questioned about missing children
(c) About Grisini’s work for the foreign legion
(d) About her parents murder and the questioning of Grisini following the incident

Short Answer Questions

1. What is the photograph of that Lizzie Rose finds in a book in Part Two: “Ice,” Chapter 34?

2. Cassandra tells Lizzie Rose and Parsefall in Part Two: “Ice,” Chapter 32 that she has set out several items for them to choose as what?

3. Part One: “Fog,” Chapter 12 begins how long after Clara’s disappearance?

4. What traditional, popular English puppet show does the housemaid suggest should be enough for Clara in Part One: “Fog,” Chapter 1?

5. What does Lizzie Rose find in Parsefall’s blankets when she goes to console him from his nightmare in Part One: “Fog,” Chapter 10?

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