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Laura Amy Schlitz
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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Part One: “Fog,” Chapters 7-17.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Where does Grisini hit Lizzie Rose in Part One: “Fog,” Chapter 15?
(a) Her face
(b) Her leg
(c) Her arm
(d) Her neck

2. Each of the women that Cassandra sees in the mirror in Part One: “Fog,” Chapter 7 die in what way?
(a) They are hanged
(b) They burn to death
(c) They are each shot
(d) They each drown

3. Where has Dr. Wintermute been told to wait until dark with the ransom money in Part One: “Fog,” Chapter 12?
(a) His bank vault
(b) His children’s crypt
(c) His attic
(d) The London Historical Museum

4. Where has Clara’s governess gone to visit her sister on the morning of Clara’s birthday party?
(a) Islington
(b) Dover
(c) Westchester
(d) Paris

5. Where had Cassandra and Grisini been when Grisini warned Cassandra of the powers of the phoenix-stone, according to the narrator in the Prologue: “Fire”?
(a) Oslo, Norway
(b) Venice, Italy
(c) Paris, France
(d) London, England

Short Answer Questions

1. When Cassandra looks into her mirror in Part One: “Fog,” Chapter 7, she sees the faces of how many women?

2. How many children have been invited to Clara’s birthday party in Part One: “Fog,” Chapter 1?

3. What is the name of Clara’s governess in the novel?

4. The legend on the puppet cart of Grisini’s says “The Phenomenal Professor Grisini and his” what?

5. How many pence make up a shilling?

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