Splendors and Glooms Chapter Abstracts for Teachers

Laura Amy Schlitz
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Prologue: “Fire” and Part One: “Fog,” Chapters 1-6

• Prologue: Cassandra, an older woman living alone, lies in bed burning up with fever. Cassandra knows that the phoenix-stone, her most precious belonging and the source of her magical powers, is the cause for her illness.

• Cassandra is frightened she will burn as other owners of the stone have done. Cassandra attempts to destroy the stone by crushing it, but the stone protects itself by moving her aim at the final moment and smashing her hand instead.

• Chapter 1: Clara wakes on her twelfth birthday; Clara has convinced her father to allow a puppeteer to perform at her party.

• When the maid comes to prepare Clara for the day, Clara convinces her to allow her to treat the young performers to join her for tea.

• Chapter 2: Lizzie Rose is the orphaned daughter of theater actors. Lizzie Rose came to live with...

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