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Richelle Mead
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Short Answer Questions

1. Who sneaks Rose in to see Dimitri?

2. What does Rose do after leaving Dimitri in church where he finally convinced her he no longer loves her?

3. For what reason does Lissa tell Rose she cannot see Dimitri?

4. What appears to be the worst of Dimitri's guilt when it comes to his time as a Strigoi and his relationship with Rose?

5. Whose testimony was one of the deciding factors in creating the dhampir age law?

Short Essay Questions

1. Why does Rose become angry about the new law? What does Rose say to the court?

2. Why does Lissa invite Rose to use their mental bond to go with her to visit with Dimitri? Is this something Lissa often does?

3. What happens when Rose tries to see Dimitri? What does Lissa tell Rose about Dimitri?

4. What does Dimitri do when the royal guardians come to arrest Rose? Why does Rose make him stop?

5. Why is Dimitri being questions by royal Moroi in the sunlight? What is this supposed to prove?

6. How does Adrian convince Rose to go to a party the night after multiple dhampir guardians were killed defending and rescuing Lissa and Christian?

7. Why does Rose go to church? What conversation does she have there? What impact does the conversation have on Rose?

8. Why is there a near riot at the courthouse?

9. Where does Ambrose take Rose when she runs into him outside the courthouse? Why?

10. Why does Rose turn to Adrian after Dimitri's final rejection of her? What mark does Adrian leave on Rose?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

Discuss one of the following in an essay using quotes from the novel to support any conclusions:

1) Setting

2) Language

3) Structure

Essay Topic 2

Who is Victor Dashkov? Why does Rose want to break him out of prison? How is breaking Victor out of prison with Lissa's help an ironic twist in the plot of this series of novels? What does Rose hope that Victor can do for her? Why can Rose not get this information somewhere else? Who does Rose enlist in her plot to help Victor escape from prison? What danger does this plan exists for Rose and her co-conspirators? How does Lissa use her magic, spirit, to keep the guards from seeing Rose, Lissa, and Eddie's true appearance? How does Lissa use spirit to manipulate the behaviors of some of the guards in the prison?

Essay Topic 3

How does Dimitri react to being a dhampir again? What does Dimitri promise to Lissa as a result of her role in his transformation? Why does Dimitri refuse to see Rose? How does Rose react to this news? Why does Rose continually go to see Dimitri despite his desire to stay away from her? How does Dimitri finally convince Rose that he no longer loves her? How does Rose react to this information? Why does she turn to Adrian? How does Dimitri seem to act in contrary to his insistence that he no longer loves Rose? Why is this? How does Rose protect Dimitri in this instance?

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