Objects & Places from Spirit Bound

Richelle Mead
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St. Vladimir's Academy

This is the secret school attended by dhampirs and Moroi children. While at this school, dhampirs not only get an education, but learn to become guardians to Moroi.

Tasarov Prison

This is the remote vampire prison built by the Moroi to keep Moroi and dhampir criminals.

The Witching Hour

This is the name of the hotel Rose and her friends stay in while they're in Las Vegas. This hotel is owned by Moroi, therefore it has certain amenities that Moroi might desire, such as feeders and dark rooms.

The Royal Court

This is where Queen Tatiana and other heavily-guarded Royal Moroi conduct their business. It is a series of buildings and is sequestered in the Pennsylvania countryside. The newly graduated guardians go here to get their guardian assignments.

Seattle, Washington

This is a major city where many flights originate or stop for refueling.

Las Vegas, Nevada

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