Spirit Bound Chapter Abstracts for Teachers

Richelle Mead
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Chapter One

• Rose reads a letter from Dimitri that threatens her life the moment she leaves the safety of St. Vladimir's. This is one in a series of letters.

• Rose is nervous about her upcoming guardian test that will help decide the kind of assignment she will get after graduation.
• Rose is planning a new adventure that she hopes will help her save Dimitri, but worries he might find her and kill her first.

• Lissa is unhappy that Rose's plan includes freeing her worst enemy, Victor Dashkov.

Chapter Two

• Rose is saddened that Dimitri is not with her as she prepares for her guardian test as she has always imagined he would be.

• Rose is surprised to find that both her mother and father are in attendance for her test.

• Rose passes the guardian test with surprising ease and skill.
• Rose receives her promise mark and celebrates with...

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