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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. How does the tailor say his name aloud in Chapter 32?
(a) While reading aloud.
(b) While introducing himself to a new neighbor.
(c) While cursing.
(d) While singing.

2. What does the tailor do to his body as he waits for his grandchild to arrive?
(a) He gets it into top shape.
(b) He bites his nails.
(c) He gets a haircut.
(d) He massages his leg.

3. What is the title of Part 4 of the novel?
(a) "The King".
(b) "Yarn".
(c) "Saskia's Dilemma".
(d) "Gold".

4. What happens that Saskia hoped would not in Chapter 29?
(a) Dagmar resigns.
(b) She becomes pregnant again.
(c) The miller dies.
(d) The tailor shows up for her firstborn.

5. Why does Saskia ask the miller to be watched in Chapter 25?
(a) So that she can make sure he is working when he should be.
(b) So that she can be informed if he tries to leave.
(c) So that she can be kept up to date on his health.
(d) So that she can make sure he isn't spending his money unwisely.

6. What does the king do after seeing Saskia's work in Chapter 18?
(a) He has Saskia walk alongside him in a parade.
(b) He has a feast.
(c) He calls her a witch.
(d) He moves her to a bigger room with more straw.

7. What does the person who overhears Saskia's conversation in Chapter 31 tell Saskia?
(a) That the king is very scary and she should not speak of him negatively.
(b) That the tailor lives in the woods and Elke is the only visitor there.
(c) That she makes the court life more fun.
(d) That her mother was a beautiful woman.

8. What does the tailor refuse in Chapter 29?
(a) To be tricked.
(b) To be attacked.
(c) To be bribed.
(d) To be arrested.

9. What does the tailor comment on in Chapter 20 that leads to a misunderstanding?
(a) Saskia's drunk father.
(b) The king.
(c) Saskia's mother.
(d) Saskia's healthy body.

10. Who does Saskia give birth to?
(a) Twin girls.
(b) Twin boys.
(c) A son.
(d) A daughter.

11. What is special about what Saskia has to accomplish in Chapter 29?
(a) Saskia believes she has a chance to accomplish her goal easily.
(b) The tailor will give her clues along the way.
(c) Saskia must figure out the name that her mother gave to the tailor on the day of Saskia's birth.
(d) She has a time limit.

12. What does the tailor do when he becomes enraged in Chapter 33?
(a) He stomps on the floor.
(b) He throws a chair.
(c) He picks up a weapon.
(d) He spits.

13. What enrages the tailor in Chapter 33?
(a) The king arrives with his army.
(b) Saskia refuses to keep her end of the deal.
(c) Saskia guesses his name.
(d) The miller threatens to kill him.

14. What does Saskia do when the tailor arrives in Chapter 33?
(a) She asks him many questions.
(b) She smiles and snaps her fingers.
(c) She pretends to be sad.
(d) She laughs at him.

15. What does Saskia do on the second night in Chapter 31?
(a) She hides in the forest.
(b) Goes through every foreign name she can think of.
(c) She has a feast with her husband.
(d) She visits Dagmar.

Short Answer Questions

1. Who can Saskia not stop thinking about in Chapter 31?

2. What does Saskia decide after meeting with some trouble in Chapter 22?

3. What does the tailor call Saskia that confuses her in Chapter 31?

4. What position does Saskia give Dagmar and Dagmar's husband at the castle?

5. How does the king react to Saskia's work in Chapter 18?

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