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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Part 6, Names: Chapters 29-33.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Who comes across the tailor in Chapter 7?
(a) A barmaid and a drunk.
(b) A poor farmer and his son.
(c) Some priests.
(d) A pair of vagrants.

2. What does the tailor give to the young maiden in Chapter 4?
(a) A poem.
(b) A dress.
(c) A flower.
(d) A ring.

3. What does the king threaten to do in Chapter 19?
(a) Take Saskia's firstborn baby.
(b) Kill the miller.
(c) Keep Saskia prisoner for the rest of her life.
(d) Kill Saskia if she fails him.

4. What happens as the young maiden tries to help the tailor's leg in Chapter 3?
(a) The tattoo becomes infected.
(b) The cramp gets worse.
(c) The cut becomes infected.
(d) The broken bone shifts and causes more pain.

5. What does the tailor set out to prove to the young maiden's father in Chapter 1?
(a) That he is the strongest man in the village.
(b) That he can provide for the young maiden.
(c) That he is wealthy.
(d) That he loves the young maiden.

Short Answer Questions

1. What is the title of Part 4 of the novel?

2. Where does Saskia run away to in Chapter 22?

3. What does the young maiden tell the tailor at the end of Chapter 3?

4. What does the tailor plan to do after completing his preparations in Chapter 32?

5. What does the tailor feel for Saskia's mother in Chapter 13?

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