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The tailor spins this into gold because it is all he has left to prove his ability to provide for his lover after their marriage.


Saskia spins different fibers and threads into this, sometimes using grass and flowers to make this stronger and to smell good.


The tailor carves these out of wood for his future grandchild.

Baby Clothing

The queen has this made while she is expecting her first child.

Shell Necklace

Saskia gives this item to the tailor the first night she is to spin for the king.

Gold Ring

This item is given to the tailor by Saskia on the second night she is to spin for the king.

Gold Dress

The tailor makes this for his lover to prove his worthiness to her father.

Magic Spinning Wheel

The tailor steals this from an elderly lady in the village.

Maiden's Spinning Wheel

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