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Part 1, Young Love: Chapters 1-4

• The tailor and the young maiden want to marry.

• The young maiden's father tells the tailor that he is not good enough to marry his daughter.

• The tailor sets out to prove himself to the young maiden's father by creating a wedding dress out of gold.

• The tailor borrows a spinning wheel from a local spinner.

• The tailor's leg begins to cramp.

• The maiden tells the tailor that she cannot wait for his leg to straighten. She marries the miller.

• The young maiden gives birth to the tailor's baby and dies.

Part 2, Survival: Chapters 5-10

• Saskia, the miller's daughter, cuts the miller's hair while he is sleeping.

• The miller falls into a depression and doesn't get out of bed.

• The mill closes and Saskia has to sell herbs and vegetables to make a living.

• The tailor lives with a farmer and his family...

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