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Short Answer Questions

1. What do they pretend the passenger in the ambulance has?

2. Why does the person tip off E.D.?

3. What are the replicators?

4. Who requests help from Tyler?

5. Why does Simon say Tyler cannot come for Diane?

Short Essay Questions

1. What does Jason tell Tyler about the Martian ambassador, conditions on Mars and why he was sent?

2. As Tyler, Diane and others are waiting to leave what happens?

3. What is in the envelope Tyler received after from Jason after he died? Why did Jason leave him the envelope?

4. How is Jason's health, what does he ask Tyler to do and how does Tyler respond?

5. What happens when Tyler rides along with Wun in a convoy that takes them to Perihelion?

6. What does Molly say when Tyler confronts her?

7. How does Tyler and Diane escape from Condon's ranch?

8. What happens in the summer with the sky and why does Simon call Tyler? How does Tyler respond?

9. What does Simon tell Tyler about Diane when Tyler arrives at Condon's ranch?

10. Why is Jason dying?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

Characters are often labeled as protagonist, antagonist or secondary characters. Discuss the following:

Define protagonist, antagonist and secondary characters.

Who do you think is (are) the protagonist(s)? Why?

Who do you think is (are) the antagonist(s)? Why?

Who are two important secondary characters? Why do you choose them?

Essay Topic 2

Power and powerlessness are two themes that occur throughout Spin. Discuss one of the following:

Define personal power and discuss the concept fully as applied to two different characters.

Define powerlessness and discuss the concept fully as applied to two different characters.

Compare and contrast the way E. D. uses power to the way Jason uses power.

Essay Topic 3

Manipulation occurs on both a small scale, i.e., one person to another and on a grand scale, i.e., thousands being manipulated by a small cadre of powerful people. Discuss one the following:

Discuss a "small-scale" manipulation, i.e., how one character manipulates another character. Give specific examples and analyze motives.

Discuss a "large-scale" manipulation, i.e., how a one person or a small group of persons manipulates hundreds/thousands/millions of others . Give specific examples and analyze motives.

Compare and contrast a "real" life example of large-scale manipulation to an example of it in Spin.

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