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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Jason say about what he learned from Wun?
(a) That the Earth will no longer be viable within a year.
(b) That Earth and Mars are both doomed because the Spin membrane did not have the predicted effect.
(c) That Wun gave him a different version of reality than Wun gave to the rest of Earth.
(d) That the Earth and Mars must pool resources and move to another galaxy.

2. Why does Simon say Tyler cannot come for Diane?
(a) Because Diane is close to death.
(b) Because Diane wants to die without medical help.
(c) Because Simon hates Tyler.
(d) He refuses to give a reason.

3. About what does E.D. try to convince Lomax?
(a) That the replicator plan could backfire.
(b) That the replicator plan is not feasible.
(c) That Jason is incompetent to handle the replicator plan.
(d) That the replicator plan is brilliant.

4. What helps Tyler procure what they need?
(a) A machine gun.
(b) Because he is a doctor.
(c) A pass from the President.
(d) An armed escort.

5. For what does Simon blame himself?
(a) Giving Diane AIDS.
(b) Giving Diane CVWS.
(c) Taking Diane to the wilderness.
(d) Not taking proper care of Diane.

Short Answer Questions

1. What do they hope the replicators will eventually do?

2. Who does Simon finally talk to on the phone?

3. With whom was Carol in love for most of her life?

4. What is fast approaching?

5. What happens to the replicators launched from Earth?

Short Essay Questions

1. How is Jason's health, what does he ask Tyler to do and how does Tyler respond?

2. What does Jason report to Tyler about the replicators a few years after they were launched?

3. What does Wun tell Tyler about a possible cure for Jason?

4. What does Tyler wonder about Diane and how does she respond?

5. What does Tyler do about Diane's disease and what does he tell Jason?

6. What does Simon tell Tyler about Diane when Tyler arrives at Condon's ranch?

7. How does Tyler and Diane escape from Condon's ranch?

8. What does Tyler say might be the Hypotheticals motivation as far as the Spin goes?

9. What does Molly say when Tyler confronts her?

10. What does Jason tell Tyler about the Martian ambassador, conditions on Mars and why he was sent?

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