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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What happens the next morning?
(a) The sun appears as usual.
(b) It is still dark at 10 am.
(c) The children go off to school.
(d) The news talks of the house explosion.

2. What is the Red Heifer?
(a) A strange religious cult.
(b) A statue they find on Mars.
(c) An idol the Summerians worshipped.
(d) A pub in downtown Orlando.

3. What does Tyler decide to do?
(a) Go out into the crowds at Times Square.
(b) Write down his story.
(c) Land on an ice floe.
(d) Write a music opera.

4. What does Tyler send Diane?
(a) A book about religious cults and their hold on minds.
(b) 500 dollars.
(c) 10,000 dollars.
(d) A plane ticket to leave Simon.

5. What does Jala do?
(a) A stargate commander.
(b) A space shuttle pilot.
(c) He runs an import-export business as a cover-up for an illicit emigration brokerage.
(d) A astrophysicist.

6. What name has science given to the Alien race possibly responsible for the Spin?
(a) Hypotheticals.
(b) Weavers.
(c) Spiders.
(d) Spinners.

7. What does Ina tell En?
(a) To go find his father and bring him to the clinic.
(b) To stay away from the clinic for a few days.
(c) To warn her if any strangers come looking for the clinic.
(d) To go to Padang for medicines.

8. What does Jason tell Diane and Tyler later the night of the party?
(a) That Jason has been hired by the government to work on a special space project.
(b) That Jason is building a space ship.
(c) The information his dad relays to Jason.
(d) That Jason is traveling to the Himalayas to seek answers.

9. About what disease does Tyler learn?
(a) A new strain of malaria.
(b) A new mosquito-born disease called SWNN.
(c) A new strain of swine flu.
(d) A new cattle-borne disease called CVWS, which seem to affect a lot of people.

10. When does Tyler fall in love with Diane?
(a) When Diane is 10 and her dog dies.
(b) He loves her as a friend only.
(c) When Diane was in high school.
(d) He has never loved her.

11. Who is Simon?
(a) Tyler's cousin.
(b) The car mechanic.
(c) Jason's business partner.
(d) Diane's lover.

12. How does Diane deal with spin?
(a) Helping Jason find a way to lift Spin.
(b) Following a religious path.
(c) Becoming an astronaut.
(d) Working in her father's company.

13. What kind of party do Diane and Jason attend?
(a) An eclipse party.
(b) A birthday party.
(c) A skating party.
(d) A sledding party.

14. What is a consequence of the way time works with the Spin?
(a) The Universe will be infintely young.
(b) The Sun will decay in such a way that the blue planet will be swallowed by the burning star.
(c) No consequence other than the usual decay over time.
(d) The Universe will expire in 10 years of Earth time.

15. What does Jason ask of Tyler?
(a) To talk to Jason's father about the problem.
(b) To make him appear as normal as possible.
(c) To do whatever is necessary to save his speech.
(d) To kill him if Jason becomes paralyzed.

Short Answer Questions

1. What is Tyler offered about five years after the time at the summer house?

2. What is one of Perihelion's projects?

3. Where do Tyler, Jason and Diane meet together again?

4. How are Jason's symptoms progressing?

5. How are Jason's symptoms?

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