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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What are Tyler Dupree and his two friends, the thirteen-year-old twins, Diane and Jason Lawton, doing?
(a) Dancing at a teen disco.
(b) Sitting on the lawn discussing the stars and other things.
(c) Writing a paper on astrophysics.
(d) Playing video games.

2. Where is Perihelion located?
(a) Near NASA at Cape Canaveral.
(b) In Houston.
(c) Near Boston.
(d) In Washington, D.C.

3. What is disastrous about the party?
(a) The blind date Diane arranges for Tyler.
(b) A teen fell through the ice and drowned.
(c) One teen broke his neck.
(d) The eclipse did not happen.

4. What do the Chinese missiles hit?
(a) Sibera.
(b) Moscow.
(c) Alaska.
(d) The alien artifacts.

5. What does Diane see happen?
(a) A bright comet streaking through the sky.
(b) A meoteorite flashing past.
(c) An explosion down the street.
(d) The stars flicker and disappear.

6. Who is Jala?
(a) A Minang.
(b) A cousin to Sutra.
(c) A man from the space station on the moon.
(d) A man from Mars.

7. What does Simon need?
(a) A green card.
(b) A job.
(c) A part for his car.
(d) Knowledge about his illness.

8. What is a consequence of the way time works with the Spin?
(a) The Sun will decay in such a way that the blue planet will be swallowed by the burning star.
(b) The Universe will be infintely young.
(c) The Universe will expire in 10 years of Earth time.
(d) No consequence other than the usual decay over time.

9. What were the satellites like that fell to Earth after the October Event?
(a) They were as if brand new.
(b) They were showing sings of aging far beyond what was expected.
(c) They had been transformed into some strange material.
(d) They were as expected.

10. What does Diane decide?
(a) To decline Tyler's offer.
(b) Nothing.
(c) To accept Tyler's offer.
(d) To think about Tyler's offer.

11. What does Jason want from Tyler?
(a) To marry Diane.
(b) To do some medical experiements on Mars.
(c) To be a bug in the ear of NIH.
(d) For Tyler to check him over thoroughly as he is not feeling well.

12. What type of MS does Jason seem to now have?
(a) Acute drug-resistant Multiple Sclerosis.
(b) The very mild type.
(c) A particularly virulent type.
(d) Acute drug-responsive Multiple Sclerosis.

13. What were two causes of the failure of the NK movement?
(a) Lack of finances and bad investments.
(b) AIDS and drug abuse among the followers.
(c) In-fighting and cop harrassment.
(d) The land was not arable and the water source dried up.

14. Who is Dr. Koenig?
(a) General Practitioner at Perihelion.
(b) A "mad" scientist who is trying to prove that spin was created from human minds.
(c) A rival in the space race.
(d) The President's personal physician.

15. Who is En?
(a) The ten-year-old son of Ina's nephew.
(b) Ina's husband.
(c) Ina's son.
(d) Alle's son.

Short Answer Questions

1. How does Jason feel towards Simon?

2. Who belongs to NK?

3. Who greets Tyler and Diane in a small village outside of Padang?

4. How much has the universe outside of Spin aged over the last five years?

5. What would happen if the protective membrane were removed?

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