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This is an artificial energy field wrapped like a membrane around planet Earth.


CVWS is an acronym of a cattle-borne disease that breaks out near the end of the Spin era.


This is a bridge-like structure that links the Earth with a hospitable planet located somewhere in the galaxy. The Archway was built by the Hypotheticals at the end of the first Spin era.

Martian Drug

This is a bio-engineered chemical that was brought to earth by Wun Ngo Wen.


This is the name of a space and research center promoted by E.D. Lawton to study the Spin.


This is the name of the planet that is closest to Earth within the solar system.

Condon Ranch

This is a ranch where a religious cult tried to breed a red calf and where Diane hides while she suffers from CVWS.


In Spin...

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