Spin Character Descriptions

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Wun Ngo Wen

This character is the Martian that landed on Earth around the time the Martian Spin was discovered.

Molly Seagram

This character is the name of the nurse and receptionist at the doctor's office of Perihelion.

Simon Townsend

This character is a slim individual who makes a living as a leader of various religious cults.

Carol Lawton

This character is Edward Dean's wife and the mother of Diane and Jason.

Belinda Dupree

This character is the mother of Tyler Dupree and works as the housekeeper for the Lawtons.

Tyler Dupree

This character is the narrator of SPIN and is twelve years old.


This character is the name of a neighbor and friend of Tyler Dupree's before he joined Perihelion in Orlando.

Dr. Koenig

This character is the General Practitioner that left Perihelion to be replaced by Tyler Dupree, the narrator of the novel.

Marcus Dupree

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