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Four Times Ten to the Ninth Power A.D.; The Big House

• Diane and Tyler are in a hotel in Padang, Indonesia, and Tyler is taking the Martian drug for the Fourth Age and decides to record his memoir to keep his mind off the pain.

• Diane injects some liquid in Tyler's arm.

• The story flashes back to the time when Tyler, Jason and Diane are in their early teens and are out together watching the stars, which suddenly flicker out of sight.

• The young people tell E. D. This is the time of the beginning of Spin.

• Spin is a membrane that completely circles the earth.

Coming of Age in Boiling Water

• Spin is first known as The October Event.

• All satellite-based communications systems fail immediately with the appearance of Spin and space programs are suspended.

• A bright disc that shows up in place of the sun...

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