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Anne Hillerman
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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What magazine does Bernie get at the convenience store to take to her mother in Chapter 10?
(a) Home and Garden.
(b) Time.
(c) Woman’s Day.
(d) People.

2. At what elevation is Shiprock, New Mexico said to be at in Chapter 5?
(a) 7,000 feet.
(b) 4,000 feet.
(c) 6,000 feet.
(d) 9,000 feet.

3. Where does Officer Bernie say the suspect who shot Joe Leaphorn went after the shooting in Chapter 1?
(a) South on 143.
(b) North on 666.
(c) West on 264.
(d) East on 180.

4. What does Bernie surmise “WR” stands for in Leaphorn’s cryptic journal in Chapter 7?
(a) Wind River.
(b) Window Rock.
(c) Warner Rodeo.
(d) Water Race.

5. Where does Mrs. Tsosie say her son Garrison is now living with his girlfriend in Chapter 10?
(a) Gallup.
(b) Albuquerque.
(c) Toadlena.
(d) Santa Fe.

Short Answer Questions

1. Agent Cordova calls Bernie in Chapter 9 to set up a meeting with her and whom?

2. What location is described in Chapter 6 as “one of the sacred places in the origin stories, the spot where Changing Woman gave birth to the Hero Twins who made the world safe for people”?

3. Where does Largo tell Chee to work on the case because it’s less hectic at that office in Chapter 3?

4. Who is the office manager that answers when Bernie calls the Shiprock station to ask for Chee in Chapter 7?

5. Joe Leaphorn is described in Chapter 1 as a retired police lieutenant of what force?

Short Essay Questions

1. What does Bernie discover when she arrives at her mother’s house in Chapter 4?

2. Who is Mrs. Benally’s son? Who does Mrs. Benally say her son was with on Monday morning in Chapter 3?

3. What is the setting of Chapter 1? Who is in attendance at the meeting that takes place in this chapter?

4. What new lead does Chee tell Bernie about in Chapter 9? How is the suspect tied to Leaphorn?

5. What is Jackson Benally’s final alibi that he gives during his interrogation in Chapter 8?

6. What information does Bernie learn from the office manager at the police station in Chapter 7?

7. How does Bernie come to witness the crime that takes place in Chapter 1? What does she witness?

8. Why does Bernie go to Leaphorn’s home in Chapter 4? Who does she discover there?

9. What inner conflict does Bernie face in the beginning of Chapter 7? How is it resolved?

10. Where is Chee going in the beginning of Chapter 6? Why? What does he remark about their leads before he leaves?

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