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Anne Hillerman
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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. As Chee prepares to perform the ceremony for Leaphorn at the hospital in Chapter 18, he calls the daughter of a singer who lived near what community?
(a) Crownpoint.
(b) Tsalie.
(c) Toadlena.
(d) Cuba.

2. Bernie finds Dr. Davis and Chee at a self-storage facility in what town in Chapter 20?
(a) Shiprock.
(b) Cuba.
(c) Toadlena.
(d) Crownpoint.

3. What is the name of the man that nearly killed Eleanor Friedman-Bernal many years ago, according to the narrator in Chapter 16?
(a) Austin Lee.
(b) Randall Elliot.
(c) Dr. Moxsley.
(d) Rocko Delbert.

4. The small town of Cuba is described in Chapter 14 as being known for what beloved New Mexican restaurant, according to the narrator in Chapter 14?
(a) El Bruno’s.
(b) Poncelita’s.
(c) La Quesa.
(d) The Navaho Inn.

5. What does Bernie tell Louisa she lost from her car when she returns her keys in Chapter 21?
(a) Her backpack.
(b) Her purse.
(c) Her gun.
(d) Her notebook.

6. Whose music has Dr. Davis left blaring in the room where she’s left Bernie and Chee tied up in Chapter 21?
(a) Janis Joplin’s.
(b) Jimi Hendrix’s.
(c) Prince’s.
(d) Vivaldi’s.

7. Who agrees to stay with Bernie’s mother when Bernie leaves to go with Chee to Santa Fe in Chapter 18?
(a) Louisa Bourbonette.
(b) Charley Zah.
(c) Dr. Moxsley.
(d) Mr. Darkwater.

8. What is the name of the woman who owns EFB Appraisals?
(a) Dr. Maxie Davis.
(b) Stella Darkwater.
(c) Eleanor Friedman-Bernal.
(d) Louisa Bourbonette.

9. What word of Spanish origin refers to a large landed estate, particularly one used for ranching or farming?
(a) Bilagáana.
(b) Hacienda.
(c) Domingo.
(d) Hataalii.

10. What “miniature fry breads” does Bernie claim to love in Chapter 12?
(a) Tostadas.
(b) Sopapillas.
(c) Pastis.
(d) Pepitas.

11. Why does Chee say he came to the AIRC museum in Chapter 19?
(a) To make a phone call.
(b) To arrest Dr. Davis.
(c) To take a photograph of the Klah rug.
(d) To interrogate Dr. Collingsworth.

12. Who is the San Juan County deputy that Chee encounters at the murder site in Chapter 16?
(a) Officer Bigman.
(b) Officer Jack Benally.
(c) Officer Tim Morris.
(d) Officer Wheeler.

13. Who does Captain Largo say is going on vacation in Chapter 17, thus causing the staff at Shiprock to be short?
(a) Officer Bigman.
(b) Officer Morris.
(c) Officer Chee.
(d) Officer Wheeler.

14. What elevation does the narrator say Santa Fe, New Mexico is at in Chapter 13?
(a) 9,000 feet.
(b) 5,000 feet.
(c) 2,000 feet.
(d) 7,000 feet.

15. What PBS television show is alluded to as Bernie considers artifact valuation in Chapter 12?
(a) Antiques Roadshow.
(b) Rick Steves’ Europe.
(c) Sesame Street.
(d) Nature.

Short Answer Questions

1. Chee suggests to Bernie in Chapter 14 that after the case is over they should take a trip where to stay with his relatives and hike and spend a week or two?

2. What symbol does Leaphorn draw after Chee tells him that Bernie found the woman that shot him in Chapter 21?

3. Who is the contact that Chee calls that is a former Navajo Police officer and works for the New Mexico museum system in Chapter 13?

4. What kind of cigarettes does Dr. Davis smoke?

5. What mountain does the narrator describe in Chapter 15 as resembling a reclining man in a feather headdress or a busty woman?

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