Spider Woman's Daughter Short Essay - Answer Key

Anne Hillerman
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1. What is the setting of Chapter 1? Who is in attendance at the meeting that takes place in this chapter?

Chapter 1 opens at the Navajo Inn in Window Rock, Arizona, where the Navajo Police hold a meeting each Monday. In attendance at the meeting is retired Police Lieutenant Joe Leaphorn, Captain Howard Largo, Officer Bernie, and several others on the force.

2. How does Bernie come to witness the crime that takes place in Chapter 1? What does she witness?

Officer Bernie receives a call from her husband, which leads her to step outside the meeting as Joe Leaphorn is walking to his pickup truck. Officer Bernie witnesses a blue sedan pull up by Leaphorn’s truck and a small, hooded individual steps out, shoots Leaphorn in the head, and then flees.

3. What information about Leaphorn does Bernie relate to the FBI agent that arrives on the crime scene in Chapter 1?

Bernie gives the details of the incident to FBI Agent Jerry Cordova, who will be leading the federal investigation. Bernie also relates to Agent Cordova Joe Leaphorn’s living arrangements, in which he lives with a woman named Louisa Bourbonette after his wife Emma died ten years ago.

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