Objects & Places from Spider Woman's Daughter

Anne Hillerman
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Window Rock

This Arizona city serves as the seat of government and capital of the Navajo Nation. It is in this city that Lieutenant Leaphorn is shot in Chapter 1.


This census-designated place in New Mexico is where Bernie and her husband live.

The Navajo Inn

This is the location where the Navajo Police meets every Monday to discuss police matters. It is in the parking lot of this location that Lieutenant Joe Leaphorn is shot.

The University of New Mexico

This is Bernie’s alma mater. There is also a bumper sticker for this college on the shooter’s car.


This is the location where Bernie’s mother and her sister Darleen live.

Santa Fe

This city in New Mexico is where Joe Leaphorn is ultimately transferred to a hospital that has an extensive Critical Car Unit.


This city is where Garrison Tsosie lives with...

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