Spider Woman's Daughter Character Descriptions

Anne Hillerman
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Officer Bernadette Manuelito

This character is the protagonist of the novel. Standing at only 5’2”, she is perhaps one of the smallest police officers on the Navajo Police Force. Also married to a fellow cop, she is the only eyewitness to the shooting that takes place in Chapter 1.

Officer Jim Chee

This character is a Navajo Police officer and the husband of the protagonist. After the shooting in Chapter 1, he is assigned chief duty of the investigation.

Lieutenant Joe Leaphorn

This character is a retired officer from the Navajo Police Force and frequents the regular Monday meetings with the officers to assist in tracking down cold cases. In Chapter 1, he is shot as he leaves the police meeting.

Captain Howard Largo

This overseer of the Navajo Police Force gives the protagonist a leave of absence during the investigation because she is the only eyewitness to the shooting.

Agent Jerry Cordova

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