Spider Woman's Daughter Chapter Abstracts for Teachers

Anne Hillerman
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Chapters 1-2

• Chapter 1 opens at the Navajo Inn in Window Rock, Arizona, where the Navajo Police hold a meeting each Monday.

• In attendance at the meeting is also retired Police lieutenant Joe Leaphorn, who sits in on the meetings to lend thoughts on cold cases; he is close friends with Captain Howard Largo and many others on the force.

• Officer Bernadette Manuelito, referred to as Officer Bernie, is also at the meeting and receives a call from her husband, which leads her to step outside the meeting as Joe Leaphorn is walking to his pickup truck.

• Officer Bernie witnesses a blue sedan pull up by Leaphorn’s truck and a small, hooded individual steps out, shoots Leaphorn in the head, and then flees.

• The other officers rush outside due to the chaos and after an ambulance takes Joe away, Bernie gives the details of the incident to FBI...

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