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Nelson Demille
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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Keith Landry tell Annie when he sees her?
(a) He wants to run for police chief.
(b) He is going away.
(c) He is going to kill Cliff Baxter.
(d) He wants to take her from Cliff Baxter.

2. Where does Keith Landry see Annie after missing his rendezvous with her?
(a) Her house.
(b) Church.
(c) His house.
(d) The pond.

3. What did Annie leave for Keith Landry?
(a) A letter.
(b) A purse.
(c) A key.
(d) A glove.

4. Where does Keith Landry use a disguise?
(a) When he checks into a hotel.
(b) When he picks Annie up.
(c) Whenever he is in public.
(d) When he sells his car.

5. What does Keith Landry do when Cliff Baxter attacks him?
(a) Beats him.
(b) Runs.
(c) Stabs him.
(d) Protects Annie.

6. What does Cliff Baxter force Annie to do in Chapter 19?
(a) Have sex with him.
(b) Swear off future meetings with Keith Landry.
(c) Swear she never saw Keith Landry since his return.
(d) Write a revealing letter to Keith Landry.

7. How does Keith Landry treat his relation with Annie in his discussion with Charlie Adair?
(a) As a foregone conclusion.
(b) As a remote possibility.
(c) As a nice fantasy.
(d) As a present reality.

8. What reason is listed for the all points bulletin (APB) on Keith and Annie?
(a) Treason.
(b) Adultery.
(c) Theft.
(d) Kidnapping.

9. Where do Keith Landry and Annie meet in Chapter 20?
(a) At the gas station.
(b) At the pond.
(c) At Keith Landry's house.
(d) In the woods.

10. Where does Cliff Baxter learn Keith and Annie have been seen together?
(a) A rest stop on the highway.
(b) The pond.
(c) A motel.
(d) The airport.

11. Where did Keith Landry go after missing Annie at her sister's house?
(a) To Billy Marlon's house.
(b) To the police station.
(c) To Annie's house.
(d) Home.

12. How many copies of the transcript of the meeting have Gail and Jeffrey Porter sold?
(a) 200.
(b) 500.
(c) 150.
(d) 25.

13. What does Schenley tell Keith Landry?
(a) That Cliff Baxter is hunting for him.
(b) That Cliff Baxter is going to kill him.
(c) That Cliff Baxter is going to arrest him.
(d) That Cliff Baxter left on Sunday night.

14. Where does Keith Landry get a visitor from?
(a) New York.
(b) Washington D.C.
(c) Vietnam.
(d) California.

15. How does Cliff Baxter's meeting with Keith Landry end?
(a) Baxter and Landry fight.
(b) Baxter punches Landry in the stomach.
(c) Baxter and Landry reminisce over old times.
(d) Baxter and Landry exchange colorful insults.

Short Answer Questions

1. What does Charlie Adair talk Keith Landry into doing?

2. Why does Keith Landry have a difficult time returning home after the meeting Charlie Adair had arranged?

3. What advice does Keith Landry get from a volunteer deputy?

4. Where does Annie tell her sister they would be passing through on the way to Florida?

5. Who shows up at the Porter's house after Officer Ward?

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