Objects & Places from Spencerville

Nelson Demille
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Returned Letter

This object is returned to a character at the beginning of the novel.

Letter to Annie

This object explains why a character must leave town.

Teddy Bear

This object accompanies people who run away.


This object is used to threaten someone to elicit the truth about their infidelities.


This item is stolen while its owner is in Washington, D.C.


This object has a false bottom which contains fake ID.


These figures provide security around a lakeside cabin.

Chevy Bronco

This is vehicle a character trades a Saab for.

Spencerville High School

This is the location where characters attempt to meet, but the meeting does not take place.

Landry Home

This place has been empty for five years at the beginning of the novel.

Spencerville, Ohio

This is the name of the small farming community where the novel takes place.

Washington, D.C.

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