Spencerville Character Descriptions

Nelson Demille
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Keith Landry

This person was a spy working with the American government and the Army for more than twenty years.

Annie Baxter

This person split with a lover over opposition to the Vietnam war.

Cliff Baxter

This person is the chief of police in Spencerville.

Charlie Adair

This person is the former boss of another character.

Billy Marlon

This person helps another character raid a lakeside cabin.

Jeffrey Porter

This person is a college friend of the main character's.

Gail Porter

This person is a councilperson in Spencerville.

Sherry Kolarik

This person is victimized by the police chief.

Larry and Terry

This couple is related to the main female character.

Aunt Betty

This person cares for a farm when none of the family is in the area.

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