Spencerville Chapter Abstracts for Teachers

Nelson Demille
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Chapters 1-4

• Keith Landry returns from his spy work with the CIA to Spencerville, where his old flame Annie Baxter is married to a psychotic police chief, Cliff Baxter.
• Keith Landry is not sure how long he will stay in Spencerville, but when he sees Annie, he thinks he will try to
• Annie Baxter is under constant surveillance by her husband, who is afraid that she will humiliate him by having affairs.
• Annie confronts her husband about his infidelities, but he overpowers her, and beats her up and humiliates her.

Chapters 5-8

• Driving around his hometown, Keith Landry visits old landmarks and old relatives in the cemetery.
• At the car dealership, the salesman talk about Cliff Baxter, and Keith Landry thinks he should try to stay off Baxter's radar for a while.
• When Cliff Baxter hears that Keith Landry is back in town, he thinks about how he...

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