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Short Answer Questions

1. After Gould and Fox discuss potential money from the prison film, Gould claims money is what?

2. What does Fox compare the substance of his movies to?

3. Gould reads something to Fox in Act One. How is it described?

4. What substance does Fox need in Act One?

5. What does Gould reveal to Fox at the beginning of Act One?

Short Essay Questions

1. By Act 3, does Fox feel Karen is just a dumb secretary? Why or why not?

2. What are Fox's plans for the future, after the Prison film is produced?

3. In Act Two, Karen tells Gould about a time when she felt empowered. What was this experience like for her?

4. According to Gould and Fox, when is it possible to make things happen in Hollywood?

5. When Gould claims that Fox is spending too much time kissing up to him instead of doing his job, what is Fox's response?

6. Explain why, from Gould's point of view, films get made in Hollywood.

7. Although Gould has pretended to champion "Radiation . . ." in an attempt to get Karen to bed, he is eventually forced to admit what?

8. How does Fox feel about the division of power between men and women in the workforce?

9. When Karen speaks passionately about "Radiation . . ." how does Gould react?

10. In Act 3, Fox reveals his relationship with Gould to have been what?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

Analyze the relationship between Fox and Gould. 1) What is their history? 2) What is their working relationship versus their personal relationship? 3) Do they need each other. Why or why not?

Essay Topic 2

Based on Gould's point of view, describe the entertainment industry and how it works.

Essay Topic 3

Originally, Gould brings Karen back to his home to win a bet. Discuss whether or not his objectives changed, and why, upon getting her to his home.

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