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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What is the opening scene of the play set?
(a) The top of the Hollywood sign.
(b) Bobby Gould's office.
(c) Marilyn Monroe's home in Brentwood.
(d) Hollywood Blvd.

2. Gould claims the gods do what to make people mad?
(a) Cause famine and war.
(b) Answer their prayers.
(c) Deny their wishes.
(d) Show them the door.

3. What is does "green light" mean in the film business?
(a) To approve a film for production.
(b) Halt production immediately.
(c) Use a certain type of lighting on set.
(d) It's code for money.

4. What time is the second pitch meeting with Ross scheduled for?
(a) It isn't rescheduled.
(b) One week, 5 pm.
(c) At lunch. Sometime.
(d) The next day, 10 a.m.

5. What does Gould tell Fox to get in Ross' office?
(a) Coffee.
(b) The blacklist.
(c) Script options.
(d) Paperclips.

Short Answer Questions

1. Why does Gould insist on meeting with Ross instead of calling him?

2. What does Gould ask his secretary to do at the end of Act One?

3. Gould pretends those who aren't happy in film are the ones who are what?

4. Fox quotes who from the Bible?

5. What is Gould's job at the beginning of Act One?

Short Essay Questions

1. Explain Gould's position at the film company.

2. After Gould offers Karen a job at the studio and she says she wants only to work on "Radiation . . ." why is Gould confused?

3. Other than money, why is Fox excited about the prospect of success?

4. Even though it is his job to greenlight films, Gould is upset when he feels this is why Fox has come to visit him. Why?

5. Why does Karen believe the subject of "Radiation . . ." is timely? What is it and why?

6. In Act 3, Fox reveals his relationship with Gould to have been what?

7. According to Fox, Karen used Gould for what purpose?

8. What is Fox's response when Gould reveals he has changed his mind about producing Fox's film?

9. What does Fox say worried him all night before his meeting with Ross, and why is it ironic?

10. By Act 3, does Fox feel Karen is just a dumb secretary? Why or why not?

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