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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Act 1.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Gould reads something to Fox in Act One. How is it described?
(a) Pretentious and confusing.
(b) Witty and commercial.
(c) Pulitzer quality.
(d) Stale and typical.

2. What does Fox want to do with Gould in Act One?
(a) Get a drink.
(b) Produce an indie.
(c) Have a talk.
(d) Carouse for starlets.

3. Before they leave for lunch, Gould tells Fox he is being rewarded now, for what?
(a) Being a loyal friend.
(b) Eating crud for eleven years.
(c) Trusting in Gould for ten years.
(d) Bringing him a money maker.

4. What do Gould and Fox spend time doing in Act One?
(a) Fighting.
(b) One upping each other.
(c) Debating.
(d) Thanking each other.

5. Gould pretends those who aren't happy in film are the ones who are what?
(a) Bankers.
(b) Drunks.
(c) Slaves to commerce.
(d) Film reviewers.

Short Answer Questions

1. Gould has the power to green light what type of budget?

2. Gould claims movie making is a what?

3. What is Karen's title at the beginning of the play?

4. Why does Gould insist on meeting with Ross instead of calling him?

5. Gould takes Fox to present his film to who?

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